Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Minute it, to Win It The Keep Chadron Beautiful Way!!!

Keep Chadron Beautiful visits CMS ASP

Thank you to Jacki Dailey for volunteering her time to share with students.  students were excited to choose their prizes when the competition ended.

Students participated in challenges using recyclable materials.  Facts about recyclable items were shared with students.  " The Solo Cup company manufactures 3 million cups per day!"  Please recycle all of your paper, plastic and aluminum trash items.

Lights on Afterschool Event

This Years Lights On Afterschool Event will be held on November 2nd, at the Chadron Middle School.  It will run from 4:30-5:30 pm.  Parents are invited to come and enjoy all that CMS ASP has to offer.  The theme is Spookapalooza!! Wear you Halloween costume!! There will be a contest for cutest, funniest and most original.  Hope to see you there.  

CMS Drama Club, We Want Your Drama!!

Click on the link below to view Drama Club Flyer

CMS Drama Club Information

Schedule for the week of October 23rd-26th

Sunday, October 15, 2017

National Youth Science Day, October 4th

National Youth
Science Day

     On Wednesday, October 4th, five students from CMS participated in National Youth Science Day by joining 19 other schools across Nebraska via zoom conference.  The students and leaders were given the challenge of designing a device that would track heart rate and movement of the person or animal on which it was attached.
     One highlight from the two and a half hour activity was when the five students were able to finally connect the microchip and heart rate monitor to the computer using Bluetooth.  They all jumped up and celebrated.
     "It was a struggle and very hard working with a boy, but I had fun!" remarked one student.  "Time just seemed to fly by."

     This activity was sponsored by the UNL 4H Extension.  The students who participated will now be able to teach this to their peers at the Afterschool Program. 

ASP Activities for the Week of October 16th