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This week, CMS ASP students made winter snowflakes out of toilet paper rolls! See below for photos and instructions. 

                       Glitter Snowflakes                    Supplies: White and Blue (washable) PaintToilet Paper RollsGlitterGlueScissorsButtonsString Step 1: Squish your toilet paper roll in half and cut small strips with your scissors
Step 2: Paint the pieces of your snowflake (inside and out) with the white paint and sprinkle with glitter (or roll it in the glitter). Allow to dry.
Step 3: You can either staple the strips into a snowflake shape, or you can glue them. If you glue them, make sure they have plenty of time to dry.
Step 4: Add bling (buttons, etc.) to the center and tie a ribbon to hang it from.