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Meet the ASP Team!

Program Director: Lorna Eliason

Hobbies include: Watching sons play basketball.  Loves quilting and gardening, 
Birthday: October 29th
Fun Fact: Played Basketball for South Dakota State University Jackrabbits.  Paid for college by raising sheep and cattle.  Product of title 9!!! 

Site Coordinator: Kaci Swinney

Hobbies Include: Crochet, cake decorating, Star gazing, ANYTHING SCIENCE!!!
Birthday: August 1st
Fun Fact: Self proclaimed crochet fanatic and cookie lover.   Has two kids, two fish , two cats and two dogs!!  

CSC Staff

Activity Leader: Marissa Apland

Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Spearfish, SD
Likes: the color green, eating at Subway and the movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Birthday: November 14th

Activity Leader: Austin Casper

Major: Social Science 7-12
Hometown: Albion, NE
Likes: Reeces Peanut butter cups, the color blue and the movie Home.
Birthday: May 25th

Activity Leader:Mary Anne Johnson

Activity Leader: Regan Garey

Major: Secondary Language Arts Education
Hometown: Curtis, NE
Likes: Reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends and family
Birthday: January 30th

Mary Anne Johnson


Activity Leaders and Tutors: 

Ashley Goad, Sam Aanenson, Joshua McBride, Megan Rust, Kolton Held and Andrew Smith

Pictures and information to come!!


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