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Comments from CMS ASP Students

Some of out students took some time to type up their thoughts about after-school program  so far:
We are reading
The Magic Thiefin Book Club. It is about a boy that stole a stone from a tall man and the tall man knows that the boy has the stone. I liked when we made black bean brownies at after-school. We made cats and a lot of other art as well. I had fun when Zac and I played cards. ~ Scarlett          
I love getting to do art at after school. It's fun!                                                                    ~ Ayla
I like when we cook black bean brownies and pizzas. I liked learning about Monet. I like the arts and crafts.                                                                                                                                     ~ Brianna
I loved when the people came from Keep Chadron Beautiful to help us pick up trash. I liked it because it was fun and I got to use a trash picker upper.                                                              …

Balsa Gliders

On Wednesday last week, students built balsa gliders and then launched them on the playground. As Michael put it "balsa is like one step up from Styrofoam so it’s very fragile." Check out the photos and videos of their flights below!

October Activities Calendar

Planetarium Field Trip: This field trip is of no cost to students!
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip: CMS ASP is paying for entry into the pumpkin patch, which covers various activities. If students would also like to get a pumpkin while there, they will need to bring about $5 as pumpkins are $0.50 per pound.
Please feel free to contact the after school program if you have any questions!

Keep Chadron Beautiful

Thanks to our volunteers with Keep Chadron Beautiful for implementing programming activities with our students last week! They will be visiting CMS ASP each month for different activities and projects. Last week, they did trash pickup around the school and started making chandeliers out of used water bottles.

Mrs. Shelly's Book Club

Miss Shelly will be starting her book club on Monday, September 15th! Come down to 103 to sign into after school and participate. Club members will decide what they'd like to read at the first meeting. Hope to see you there!

Monet Monday: Impressionism Paintings

For our art activity this week, after-school students learned about the artist Monet and Impressionism. They then created their own impressionistic painting of a garden with structures like bridges, stairways, or fences. See the artists in progress and their final results below!

Cup Stacking!

Tallon & Garrett made some pretty awesome cup structures yesterday, along with competing in speed stacking.

STEM: Last Tower Standing!

Wednesday is STEMday at CMS ASP. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math. On August 20th, students were asked to build a tower that would hold the most beanbags out of tape, paper, and straws. Students quickly realized that triangles are a stronger shape to build with than squares.

Dr. Dodgeball Pics (8/19/14-9/2/14)

September Activities Calendar