Planetarium Visit

Last week CMS ASP students took a field trip to the CSC Planetarium in honor of International Space Week. Some of the things they learned are:
  • If you look at the sun (only through a solar telescope!) you are actually seeing 8 minutes into the past because of how long it takes the light from the sun to reach us.
  • White Dwarf planets are like planet-sized diamonds
  • The stars in the cluster Pleiades are so large that if any one of them exploded it would create so much light that we wouldn't have night for 2 weeks straight.
  • When a star explodes it is called a supernova.
  • NASA is planning on eventually colonizing both our moon and the planet Mars.
We also learned about different constellations we can currently see in our night sky and how the names of stars can often be seen in popular culture! Check out our pictures below. 

CMS ASP students had so much fun that they did the Conga on the way back!


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